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Natural Portraits

I believe people are most relaxed in familiar surroundings. Most people are self conscious and pull a photo face when faced with a stranger with a camera. So to capture images of people when they are themselves you need them to be relaxed and comfortable with you in familiar surroundings . I don’t like studios, we live in a beautiful part of the country so why would you chose a false backdrop when you have this scenery ? For relaxed natural portraits that reflect what people do and who they are with the scenery that means something in the background I come to you. I don’t run a studio for portraits with false backdrops. I accept commissions for personal, professional and family portraits in the Cornish environment that is yours. Prices vary depending on what you need, but common sense rules the prices here! Get in touch, talk is free but understanding is priceless. Call Mark 0120878048 for photos worth more than they cost

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